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Specially designed added value – That extra “+” from which Naturally Plus gets its name

Manufactured in Japan, every Naturally Plus product is scientifically designed for a special purpose. They’re carefully conceived and developed by skillful artisans, each a masterpiece prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (craftsmanship) and “wa” (harmony): characteristics clearly reflected in the way that SUPER LUTEIN ingredients work harmoniously with the body to maintain eye health and overall wellbeing.

The main ingredients in SUPER LUTEIN originate from raw materials of the highest quality. They are processed and packaged in facilities that are ISO certified and compliant with the good manufacturing practice (GMP) health supplement regulations.

For a healthy lifestyle, moderate exercises, adequate sleep and well-balanced meals are essential. Proper food intake is especially important in maintaining a healthy and active body. However, with our busy modern lifestyles, consuming nutritionally balanced meals regularly is not an easy task. In recent years, a lack of vegetables has become a growing public health concern. As even our everyday meal might not provide sufficient nutrition, taking nutritional supplement can easily overcome this problem.

SUPER LUTEIN is a revolutionary functional nutritional supplement introduced by Naturally Plus Co., Ltd in year 2000. There are 6 major carotenoids (phytochemicals) along with hundreds of minor trace of micro nutrients derived from blackcurrant and blueberry’s extracts in each capsule of Super Lutein. They are Lutein, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin, Beta/Alpha carotene, Crocetin and Anthocyanin, DHA, Vitamin E and Vitamin B group.

 As a patented formula, 3 capsules of SUPER LUTEIN contains the followings:


Blackcurrant extract
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12


18.0 mg
2.16 mg
1.50 mg
2020 ug
840 ug
3.0 mg
72.0 mg
46.7 mg
72.8 mg
1.35 mg
1.5 mg
1.23 mg
0.0015 mg

In term of foods

1 kg of cauliflower
70 g of tomato
1.5 kg of corn
246 g of pumpkin
23 g of carrot
2.25 g of gardenia fruits
200cc of 100% cranberry juice
30 g of oyster
203 g of pumpkin seeds
562 g of oat meal
800 g of milk
7 bananas
230 g of chicken breast meat

Note: 1kg = 1000g, 1g = 1000mg, 1mg = 1000ug


Commitment of Naturally Plus

Although Naturally Plus does not own any fields to grow the raw ingredients nor own any manufacturing plants to extract and combine the ingredients, Naturally Plus works hand in hand with truthful partners who are world-class experts in their respective fields. Therefore, it is assured that for each capsule of Super Lutein, it is safe and of the highest quality from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing to distributing to the hands of each consumer.

Selection of Raw Ingredients: TMFloraGLO Lutein is extracted and crystallized with a patented production process


Lutein is extracted from marigold flowers cultivated by contract farmers of Kemin Health USA.

TMFloraGLO lutein is made from lutein esters as raw material, after removing the esters by a patented production process and crystallized in the purification process and is highly evaluated in the lutein market. In the United States, with its safety evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certification, it is the first lutein to be accepted for food and beverage products as a nutritional supplement. It can be absorbed directly into the body because it is in the same form as lutein existing in our bodies.

Note: TMFloraGLO is a trademark of the Kemin Industries Inc.

Kemin HealthFacts about Kemin Health

Kemin Health, L. C. with its head office located in Iowa, USA, is a global company with 14 production bases and 60 business offices worldwide. The company has the patented manufacturing process of TMFloraGLO Lutein which has the highest market share in the global lutein market.

Selection of Raw Ingredients: Processed into a form suitable for softgel capsules and delivered to Japan

Processed lutein supplied by Kemin Health is transported to the DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland and processed into the ”lutein 20% FS” form suitable for soft gelatine capsules. 20% is the ideal density for lutein keeping its stable state while maintaining its optimal concentration of high quality. Finally, after further quality and safety checks by Kemin Health, it is delivered to Japan.

DMSFacts about DSM Nutritional Products Inc.

Being the vitamin and fine chemical division of the world’s largest pharmaceutical raw materials producer Roche, the same stringent safety standards are adopted by DSM for the vitamin and carotenoid products as those for pharmaceutical products.

Selection of Raw Ingredients: Anthocyanin, extracted from highly concentrated blackcurrant essence

Four kinds of anthocyanin in blackcurrant essence are essential ingredients for Super Lutein. Tokiwa Phytochemical imports blackcurrants which are grown in New Zealand in order to maintain a stable supply source. Extracted essence is condensed to a high concentration and dried through a process in accordance with the pharmaceutical GMP standard.

TokiwaFacts about Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd.

The Tokiwa Phytochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1949 as a pharmaceutical raw material manufacturer recognized in the field of extraction, refinement and analysis of plant ingredients. Blackcurrant essence is produced exclusively for Super Lutein.

Selection of Raw Ingredients: Crocetin, extracted from high quality gardenia fruit

crocetinCrocetin from gardenia is the ingredient that gains great attention among the world’s researchers in the biochemistry field. Riken Vitamin has established the knowledge and expertise to cultivate stable quantities of high quality gardenia fruits by collaborating with gardenia farmers in Taiwan. Only gardenia fruits under strict quality control from cultivation and harvest to shipment are exported to Japan. There, crocetin is extracted and refined under the most stringent quality control system.

Facts about Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd.

Riken VitaminIt was established in 1949 as the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, where many scientists, such as the renowned Mr. Hideki Yukawa, came from. By applying the extraction and enrichment technology developed by working with Vitamin A, Riken Vitamin manufactures unique products with the focus of the effective application of biological products.

Manufacturing Process: Delivered with the quality assurance standard for health supplements GMP and ISO standard

Upon receiving the raw ingredients, they are strictly tested by microbial content, physical properties and chemical detection. Factory workers are required to comply strictly with the “cleanroom” methodology where special clothing is worn in the work area and the removal of dust in the air shower room before entering the production room is required.
super lutein production process

Through visual inspection, irregular capsules are filtered from the production line. After visual inspection, empty bottles are air cleaned and filled with 100 capsules of Super Lutein.

Facts about Aliment Industry Co., Ltd.

AlimentRaw materials supplied from each manufacturer are processed into commercial products at Aliment Industry CO., Ltd. which is the designated vendor for Naturally Plus and the work process is in compliance with ISO9001, ISO22000 and Health Supplement GMP.

Credential & Certification of Super Lutein by Naturally Plus

iso19001Naturally Plus has obtained ISO9001 certification

ISO9001 is an international standard for quality management systems established by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for quality management and quality assurance.

AIFNNaturally Plus joins the AIFN Organisation (previously as NNFA Japan)

NNFA Japan (The National Nutritional Foods Association of Japan) is an industry organization that supplies nutritional supplements and health foods to Japanese consumers. Its members include food manufacturers in Japan, USA and other countries. AIFN (Association of International Foods & Nutrition) is a trade organisation formed in Japan to give consumers peace of mind when using food supplements and to contribute to the sound development of the food supplement market. On May 27, 2009, the “NNFA Japan” officially changed its name to “AIFN”.

gmp logoGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
GMP means “The standard for manufacturing and quality control”. By implementing the standards on work practices and appropriate quality checking, quality products are produced.

FloraGlowTMFloraGLO lutein has GRAS by FDA
In the United States, with the safety evaluation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certification, TMFloraGLO lutein is the first lutein to be accepted for food and beverage products as a nutritional supplement. It can be absorbed directly into the body because it is in the same form as lutein existing in our bodies.

Sertifikat Halal Super Lutein S LutenaHALAL certification
According to the instruction of Allah, Muslims of Islam are forbidden of foods such as “pork, blood, rotten meat and alcohol”. Therefore, there is Islamic HALAL certification in Muslim countries to ensure food compliance to the standard.

SNQ_LOGOCertified by Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry of Taiwan
Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) is a safety and quality control system promoted by Taiwan government. It is verified by a group of authoritative scientists with the highest standard to ensure the best products for each citizen in Taiwan.

Other Certifications and Licenses of Super Lutein by Naturally Plus

Japa CertificateCertified by Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease
In year 2001, Super Lutein by Naturally Plus has received the recommendation and certification from JAPA with the endorsement of a group of 6,600 medical doctors. 

Drug OfficeRegistered Pharmaceutical Product in Hong Kong
Super Lutein has received the Certificate of Drug/Product Registration at Pharmacy and Poisons Board in Hong Kong.

PhaMaOTC Drug Status in Malaysia

Super Lutein has obtained its OTC Drug Status issued by the Malaysian Minister of Health. OTC is an abbreviation for Over-the-counter Drug, also known as non prescription drug which is registered and available over the counter without medical doctor’s prescription.


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